The small green area in the Siedlce district, where Przemek Pyszczek located his installation, is filled with fading memories of past fun and recreation: paint is peeling off an old basketball hoop, a football goal post is covered with rust, and a decorative stone reminds the spectator that before the war there used to be a gazebo in the park.
With this square in mind, the artist created a metal-pipe sculpture that evokes memories of children’s playgrounds on the one hand – due to its material and colour – and on the other, is a dynamic, abstract sculpture form. According to the author’s intention, viewers are allowed to touch the work and climb it. Two see-saws, reminiscent of those that can sometimes still be found on school yards, have been installed around the sculpture. The objects, created for adults, are designed to engage the spectators in interaction and encourage them to play: they provoke them to discover a childlike joy in themselves and refresh memories of carefree adventures in which everyone may now participate.
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