Pyszczek is interested in both the materials used in this type of modular architecture, as well as its ideological and utopian foundation in creating an architectural system in which uniform prefabricated slabs are combined to create any structure needed to support society. For Pyszczek, these slabs represent both individuality in the inconstancy of their surface as well as conformity in the overreaching structures they can achieve when presented together. Each slab, or Building Element, is 240×100 cm, one of the standard sizes used in this building typology. As in wielka płtya (large panel) architecture, these Elements can be combined to create Building Forms.
In Corporalitas, Pyszczek illustrates the potential for these Building Elements three panels are placed side by side in an arcade formation and a fourth is leaned against the wall, alluding to the structure being under construction. In the other work presented, Material Study (Concrete), Pyszczek further explores the surface qualities of this type of architecture, through a painterly exploration of the industrial processes and materials that are used in its creation.
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